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White Flowers


If you are in need of quality line editing or beta reading services, look no further. I am experienced freelance editor that will work with you to ensure your writing is polished, professional, and ready for publication. Contact me today to schedule your consultation.

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Line edit

Line editing examines writing style and language use on a line-by-line level, focusing on tightening and smoothing out any confusing passages, as well as looking out for any other style issues.



Style sheet

Editorial letter

Thirty-minute consultation (if desired) 

$0.015  |  Per Word


Two Passes

$0.0175  |  Per Word

Full edit

Dev + Line 

A heavy edit starts with a developmental edit, which focuses on issues such as plot, structure, and character development. The line edit would be after any revisions. A second pass read-through is also available before the line edit.


Style sheet

Marginal notes

Extensive editorial letter

Thirty-minute consultation (if desired)

$0.02  |  Per Word


Two Passes

$0.0225  |  Per Word

Manuscript  critique

A manuscript critique is great for an in-depth look at your manuscript's bigger picture (plot and character development).


Marginal comments

Brief reader report

Thirty-minute consultation (if desired)​

$200 |  50,000 Words

$300 |  50,000+ Words

**For any follow-up services, the beta read fee will be subtracted from that service's total. 

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