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Next Steps

Sample Edit and Quote

  • Sample edits are extremely important for both author and editor. I'll ask you to send no more than a couple pages of your manuscript for me to work on. By editing these pages, I'll be able to assess if I'm the editor for the job, and, once returned to you, you'll be able to see if my editing style is what you're looking for. This is also the time to discuss any questions you have about the editing process.

  • With the sample edit, I'll send a personalized quote for your manuscript. This will also contain a rough timeline and payment schedule.

Contract and Payment Schedule​

  • If you decide to move forward, I'll then send a contract, which will give a concrete timeline and payment schedule.

  • Generally, I ask for 20% of the total cost as the initial payment, then 40% midway through, and finally the last payment when the manuscript is returned. I'm able to work with you if you need a different or extended payment schedule. 

  • Invoices are sent through PayPal, though I can take Venmo as well.

Editing Begins!

  • Once the contract is signed, I'll ask for you to send the entire manuscript to me, and I'll get started.

  • All changes made to your manuscript are made using Track Changes in reference to the Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster dictionary.

  • I don't usually send detailed updates through the editing process. This is mostly because some things work themselves out naturally as I move through the text. By going through the manuscript completely, it allows me to reassess any comments/issues I might have had along the way.

  • I'm always willing to answer questions and chat, though, so feel free to reach out!  

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